Bloodsport Judgement Arrow 400 Spine (Pack of 6) with Blazer Vanes

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Blood Ring Chart
Proof Positive.

Know exactly where your arrow hit with our exclusive Blood Ring™ technology.

Judgement comes swiftly and definitively. Designed for hunters seeking a fast, lightweight arrow, the Judgement™ features 100% carbon construction using our proprietary Rugged Wrap™ process. A standard diameter arrow, the Judgement is an incredible combination of speed, accuracy and toughness with .001″ of straightness perfection.
  • Unbeatable .001″ straightness
  • Blood Ring™ technology guides tracking
  • Ultra-durable Rugged Wrap™ construction
Spine Straightness GPI Inner Dia. Outer Dia.
300 .001 in. 9.1 .244 in. .298 in.
350 .001 in. 7.9 .244 in. .293 in.
400 .001 in. 7.4 .244 in. .291 in.
500 .001 in. 6.5 .244 in. .285 in.
Categories: Archery, Archery, Hunting, Close-Out
Condition: New
Model: Judgement
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
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