Colt 1911 38 Super Engraved 5" Barrel O1911C-38Z

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The Colt 1911 in .38 Super is an extraordinary blend of artistry and craftsmanship that is a testament to American gun-making's excellence. The detailing is accentuated with carefully inlaid gold patterns and engraving, which provide a lavish contrast to the royal blue finish. This luxurious look extends to thumb safety, adding beauty to this crucial component.

Adding to the visual richness of the firearm are its wood grips that flawlessly complement the deep blue and gold accents. The gold bushing, magazine release, grip screws, and hammer add harmonious touches of luxury to an already rich representation. These gold elements do not merely serve an ornamental purpose; they are constructed to meet the same stringent performance standards that Colt is known for, ensuring that this pistol is as functional as it is eye-catching.

The .38 Super caliber offers an excellent balance of manageable recoil and penetrative power, making this variant of the Colt 1911 a favorite among those who demand precision and reliability. Whether at the range or as a prized piece in a collection, this Colt 1911 demonstrates a seamless fusion of form and function. The artful design choices elevate it from a mere self-defense tool to a statement piece that would be the crown jewel in any firearms collection. Simply put, this is not just a gun; it's an heirloom designed to be admired, respected, and, above all else, used with the utmost confidence.

Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Colt
Model: 1911
Caliber: 38 Super Auto +P
SKU: 098289112293-1
MPN: O1911C-38Z
UPC: 098289112293
Vendor: Gunprime
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