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Scrapes are one of the greatest ways to ensure bucks revisit a spot day after day, but the challenge is keeping the scrape fresh for a long period of time. Grave Digger™ with TRS (Time Released Scent) is a patented process that uses high-quality soil impregnated with buck urine collected from an individual buck. Pour it into a scrape, or mock scrape then cover it up. Grave Digger™ blends with the soil attracting bucks and allowing them to work the dirt freely and naturally. Moisture forces the scent to the surface keeping the scrape active for 30 days. Rain actually makes it stronger. Use Grave Digger™ Scrape Mate™ all season.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Code Blue
SKU: DUN-61133
UPC: 707114013680
Vendor: Dunns
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