Code Blue Expandable Wicks 6pk #OA1340

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  • Expandable Design – Doubles in Size when Wet:  Code Blue™’s Expandable Wick instantly enlarges by 4 times its regular size once dipped into scent.
  • Long Lasting Scent:  Expandable Wicks not only holds more scent, but they help the scent last longer to attract more deer.
  • Convenient Shape:  The shape of the Expandable Wick is ideal for simple insertion into a scent bottle, so you can easily disperse scent from a nearby tree limb without a lot of mess.
  • Efficient Storage:  An included resealable storage bag makes it easy to keep extra Expandable Wicks in your pack ready for the next dip.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Code Blue
SKU: DUN-64891
UPC: 707114013406
Vendor: Dunns
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