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Calming Zone™ is made from the scents found in all natural deer bedding areas. This special formula is in a convenient easy to use twist container that creates less mess and easily rubs on any brush. The special screw on cap locks in the scent to prevent evaporation to keep this relaxing and attracting power effective much longer. Not only are you masking your human scent but using Calming Zone™ with its natural deer bedding scent, helps to bring in deer that are relaxed and comfortable for an easy shot. There's only one scent that keeps deer at ease and keeps them close by, it's the smell of other deer. This innovative stick formula is weather resistant, long lasting, evaporation free and contains the power to mask and attract all deer for an ultimate hunting experience.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Code Blue
SKU: DUN-61135
UPC: 707114013413
Vendor: Dunns
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