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Model CIM CA613

Cimarron Firearms Bisley 45 Colt 5.5" Barrel CA613

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Improvements over Colt's first target revolver (the 1888 Flattop) resulted in their "Special Target" model of 1896, later renamed the "Bisley" because of its spectacular performances at England's Bisley Common shooting range. It varies from the classic 1873 Peacemaker by its enlarged trigger guard and radically curved grip, allowing the shooter to easily maintain the same hand position from shot to shot. Other noticeable differences include a 3/16-inch longer frame, a low, wide hammer spur for re-cocking the gun with minimal disturbance to the position of the shooter's hand, creating a flatter arc and reducing travel by 1/8-inch. Internally, a new mainspring with a stirrup-type of swiveling T-bar attachment to the hammer, required less pressure in cocking. The Bisley was much more than a sport shooter's handgun however. For the next two decades, this rakish-looking single action was used by cowboys and adventurers of all breeds. It especially became a favorite in the American southwest and in northern Mexico. A favorite with Mexican Revolutionary Gen. Pancho Villa, it was also used by Canadian train robber Bill Miner, as seen in the 1982 Western The Grey Fox. 



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