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Among the more scarce original firearms is the iron frame Henry repeater. While the standard Henry sixteen shooter was produced with the quickly recognizable brass frame with a case hardened hammer trigger and lever only around 400 of the earliest Henrys were turned out in 1862 with iron frames. There is no definitive information on why this small number of iron-framed Henrys were produced nevertheless the fact remains that originals are extremely rare and indeed very pricey! Only around 167 of them are known to still exist. The iron-framed Henry with it's color case hardened finish is as beautiful in it's own right as are the brass-framed examples and Cimarron's replica is truly a shooting beauty to behold! Our richly colored case hardened steel-framed Henry comes with the standard 24-inch octagon barrel in either .44-40 or .45 Colt caliber. Fitted with an attractive walnut stock the iron framed model also sports a blued butt plate and the color case hardened trigger hammer and lever. Cimarron's historic Iron Frame Henry replica is authentic in every detail and is recognized as one of the straightest shooting repeaters available! - Caliber: .45 LC - Style: Henry Steel Frame - Capacity: 12 Rnds. - Frame: Steel Case Hardened - Finish: Standard Blue - Stock/Forearm: Walnut - Weight: 9.05 Lbs.
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Beretta
Model: Tikka T3x
Caliber: 44-40 Winchester
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