Attwood Fuel Tank w/Gauge #880 LPG2S

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  • Available in 3-Gallon (#8803LPG2S) and 6-Gallon (#8806LPG2S)
  • Additional tank capacity for 1:16 2-cycle oil blend (.1875 gallons) plus 5% vapor space for fuel thermal expansion.
  • Includes impact-resistant, high-visibility UV protected fuel gauge. Gauge can be read up to 8ft. from tank.
  • Fuel gauge designed to resist fuel slosh and lens scratching that make traditional fuel gauges difficult to read.
  • Automotive grade multi-layer go-extruded HDPE/EVOP tank material prevents the evaporation of gasoline saving gas and money
  • Compatible with 1/4" NPT fuel fittings
  • Robust tank construction the same as found in most automobile fuel systems
  • Exclusive no-joint injection molded tank interfaces ensure leak free performance in severe conditions
  • Ratcheting cap with tether ensures proper tank closure and prevents accidental cap loss.
  • Cap includes automatic vacuum valve that eliminates the traditional manual thumb screw and prevents water from leaking into tank.
  • Cap includes industry leading high-flow automatic vacuum valve with ultra low fuel restriction (less than 1kpa restriction at 50 liters/hour) ensuring proper fuel flow and reducing fuel pump stress.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Attwood
SKU: DUN-94008
Vendor: Dunns
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