1886 Dated Springfield Model of 1884 Trapdoor Rifle w/ Sight Hood- Very Good 90-95%

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US Model of 1884 Springfield "Trapdoor" Rifle. This is an 1886 produced example of the full infantry "musket" pattern. This rifle does not feature the rare "cleaning rod bayonet" introduced in 1888, but does have the rare front sight hood. Condition is very good. Metal finish is excellent, with a nice deep blue on receiver and an attractive case hardening pattern on the trapdoor. There are some areas of browned patina near the end of the barrel but no rust or crusting. Wood is in good shape, with a few small gouges, the largest being on the very back of the bottom left of the forestock. All mechanical functions are excellent. Bore is very clean. All sling swivels are present.

Categories: Single Shot Rifles
Condition: Used
Model: 1884 Trapdoor
Caliber: 45-70 Gov't
SKU: 338664-u
Vendor: Gunprime
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