KelTec P17 Review: Affordable Plinking Excellence

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 12/29/23




When it comes to plinking, finding the right firearm can be a game-changer. Enter the KelTec P17, a compact semi-automatic pistol that has been making waves in the plinking community. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the KelTec P17 and explore why it's gaining popularity as the go-to choice for budget-conscious plinkers.


Design and Ergonomics: A Compact Marvel


The KelTec P17 boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and handle. Its polymer frame keeps the weight down, making it perfect for extended plinking sessions without fatigue setting in. The pistol's ergonomics are well-thought-out, with textured grips providing a secure hold and comfortable shooting experience.


Affordability: A Plinker's Dream Come True


One of the standout features of the KelTec P17 is its affordability. In a world where firearms can sometimes break the bank, the P17 offers a fantastic balance between price and performance. It allows plinkers to have their cake and shoot it too, without emptying their wallets.



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Accuracy and Reliability: Hitting the Mark


The KelTec P17 doesn't just look the part; it performs exceptionally well on the range. Its crisp trigger and minimal recoil make it easy to stay on target. Plinkers can send rounds downrange with confidence, whether they're taking aim at cans, paper targets, or other plinking delights.


Large Magazine Capacity: More Plinking, Less Reloading


One of the standout features of the P17 is its generous magazine capacity. With a 16+1 round magazine, you can keep the plinking action going without constant interruptions for reloading. This high-capacity magazine is a game-changer for plinkers who want to maximize their time on the range.


P17 in Real-Life: Affordable Plinking Bliss

Here are real human reviews from customer who have purchased the P17.



By Shooter on 12/08/23

Keltec p17 22lr pistol

The keltec has become the 10/22 of the 22lr pistol world! Its 5 star!



By 13colonypatriot on 11/23/23

Keltec P17

Very simple, well designed, lightweight, reliable, durable, accurate 22lr pistol. Its a keltec so its unique, but in a good way! Great for EDC, or a camping trip. Great for everything from self defense, to fun, or training a loved one, this pistol has you covered. Its a 5 star! Thanks


By Richard on 09/28/23

Great price

Cheapest price I found






Conclusion: The KelTec P17 - Plinking Fun on a Budget


In the world of plinking, the KelTec P17 is a standout performer. Its compact design, affordability, accuracy, and high-capacity magazine make it an excellent choice for plinkers of all levels. If you're looking to maximize your plinking fun without breaking the bank, the KelTec P17 is a solid investment that will keep you smiling on the range for years to come. So, grab one, head to your favorite plinking spot, and experience affordable plinking excellence with the KelTec P17.

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