About Gunprime

Our Story

My Dad started our retail gun store in 1974. He slept in the back room of the gun shop to keep cost low. He didn't want the extra expense of housing! In Christmas 2004, I built him a website as a present. His response was similar to when my brother got shoes as a gift. Not impressed. 

A few days later, I went in and taught one of the staff how to add products. Then a guy called wanting to buy a pink Ruger that was listed. Dad asked him to come into the store to purchase. "I'm in Colorado" he responded. “Well how did you know we had a pink Ruger?” Dad asked. The guy replied, “I saw it on your website.”

Then dad was excited. “How can we get every gun we have online?”  

The first site didn't have an ecommerce shopping cart. People had to call to order. Soon we added online checkout and other features to make the online shpping experince easier. My favorite feature is allows the customer to select a FFL dealer at checkout. This helps us ship firearms quickly. 

 It is hard to advertise online. Google and Facebook will not allow paid ads for guns. We are grateful for our customers that find us and take time to tell their friends about Gunprime.com.

Now we sell guns online every day. As we increase in volume it  helps us buy in bulk and get better deals. Then we can pass those deals down to our customers.