Your Guide to Colt Firearms

Founded by Samuel Colt in 1855, the Colt Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, has been producing leading firearms used by military and law enforcement officials today. Before starting the company, Colt collaborated with the U.S. Army’s Samuel H. Walker in 1847 to create a revolver known as the Walker, one of his first mass-manufactured firearms. This single-action black powder pistol was made in a large size featuring a six-cylinder .44 caliber used between the years of 1847-1867.


While Colt wasn’t the creator of the very first revolvers, he did continue creating designs and functions of handguns like the Walker, influencing the market to steer away from the single-shot pistols of his time. His models were used during many wars including the American Civil War and WWI.


As one of the classics, the Colt 1911, also known as the “Government,” is a semi-automatic that chambers a .45 ACP cartridge. Up until 1986, it was the standard-issue model for the United States Armed Forces, but today it can also be found as a firearm for collectors, target shooting, personal defense, and government officials in the FBI.


If you’re looking for a secure and smooth trigger pull, the Colt Python is an option to consider. This double-action pistol was first introduced in 1955, leaving a lasting impression over the years. Its ventilated rib runs the length of the defined barrel to the muzzle with a .357 Magnum cartridge chamber. Unlike most models that have a looser structure, the Colt Python features a tight lock-up cylinder for accurate alignment with every pull.


Compact in size, the Colt Cobra is a double-action revolver that’s lightweight and made with a stainless steel frame. Its compact structure is made in the same size as the Colt Detective Special, featuring a 2-inch barrel with a 38 special caliber. This model is sometimes confused with the Colt King Cobra because of its name and compact frame.


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