WWII 1943 Standard Products M1 Carbine Underwood Barrel 30 Carbine

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This is a great option if you are after a piece of history. The M1 carbine was a favorite among many soldiers in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Lightweight and light recoil makes this an easy to carry and easy to shoot rifle. This particular M1 is made by U.S. Standard Products with a receiver in a serial number range dating it in 1943. The barrel is made by Underwood date marked 7-43 (July-1943) which is not unusual for war time rifles. 

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The M1 Carbine, an essential firearm of the World War II era, is celebrated for its lightweight design and firepower. This particular model was crafted in 1943 by Standard Products. At a time when the urgency of war necessitated vast production numbers, several non-traditional arms manufacturers, including Standard Products, stepped up to meet the demand. Their contribution to the war effort resulted in dependable carbines that proved essential to infantry across various theaters of war.

A unique aspect of this M1 Carbine is its Underwood barrel. While Standard Products would have initially equipped the carbine with their barrel, this one has been changed at some point. The change remains a point of conjecture: it could have been a wartime necessity or an update undertaken by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) during their rearsenalling efforts. Whatever the reason, the Underwood barrel represents a testament to the modularity of the M1 Carbine's design, allowing components from different manufacturers to be seamlessly integrated.

The features of this 1943 M1 Carbine, from its Standard Products heritage to the Underwood Barrel, tell a story of adaptation, collaboration, and history. These combinations are not merely coincidental but are symbolic of the adaptability and resourcefulness that characterized the U.S. war effort. For firearm enthusiasts, historians, or collectors, this M1 Carbine is a tangible connection to a time when industrial innovation met global conflict, resulting in an iconic weapon.

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Manufacturer: Standard Manufacturing
Model: M1 Carbine
Caliber: 30 Carbine
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