World War One Production Walther Model 4 .32 ACP - Rare Early Second Variant!

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Walther Model 4 in 7.65 Browning (.32 Auto). A "full-sized" .32 pistol intended for military service, the Model 4 was one of the most common pistols the German trenches in the First World War. While these pistols were subcontracted out to several gunmakers, this example was produced by Walther itself during the war in roughly late 1916, as indicated by the absence of a rear sight (a trough on top of the slide is used), style of safety, and other features. Overall condition is good. Military Walthers would have shipped with black grips, but this one has the brown resin commercial grips instead - either this was a commercial production pistol (which does not mean it did not see service, just that it was a private purchase instead of an issued pistol) or this was a military pistol that has had its grips replaced. Original finish is mostly intact with some thinning on top of the slide but has seen a lot of mottling and browning; that being said, no crusting or pitting is present. Mechanical functions all seem to work properly. One original Walther magazine is included. This is both a really neat example of an early automatic pistol and an inexpensive way to get a gun with a lot of history behind it. 

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Manufacturer: Walther
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