Thompson Center T/C Compass Utility Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle + $25 Rebate

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  • 3-Lug Bolt Design: Simple, rugged design lends itself to years of reliable service and top-notch accuracy and relibility.
  • 3 Position Safety: Provides visible and tactile feedback as to position of the safety. Provides locked, load/unload and fire positions.
  • Maximum Scope Clearance: The 60 degree bolt lift provided by the 3-lug bolt design gives the shooter maximum clearance between the bolt handle and a mounted scope - for fast cycling.
  • Flush Fit Rotary Magazine: The detachable, compact rotary magazine fits flush with the stock for easy carrying and no snags. The low-maintenance polymer magazine provides smooth feeding in a rust-proof, durable package.
  • 5R Rifling: 5R rifling’s unique design provides benefits to the shooter by causing less bullet deformation. The edges of each land do not cut into and deform the bullet jacket. When the bullet jacket is less deformed, there will be less jacket fouling in the grooves. This results in accuracy from shot to shot, greater bullet stability over multiple shots, and ultimately, a rifle that’s easier to clean thoroughly.
  • (MOA) Minute of Angle: T/C's match grade barrels with 5R rifling deliver guaranteed Minute of Angle accuracy... 1" (3 shot) groups at 100 yards with premium factory ammunition.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Thompson Center T/C
Vendor: Dunns
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