Mathews UltraRest HDX Lost Camo XD Arrow Rest

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Mathews partnered with premier arrow rest manufacturer- Quality Archery Design (QAD) to introduce the Mathews UltraRest HDX. This collaboration joins the compatibility and versatility of the popular UltraRest with the standards Mathews is known for to optimize performance and provide perfect fit, finish and quality to your Mathews bow. Featuring Smart Rest Technology the Mathews UltraRest knows to drop when fired, but not when letting down. With total fletching clearance, full arrow containment and Mathews Harmonic Damping to remove excess vibration and noise, the Mathews UltraRest means your Mathews will perform to its full potential. And with custom Mathews Mounting Bar, the fit is perfectly tailored for your Mathews bow.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Mathews Archery
SKU: DUN-8160
Vendor: Dunns
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