GrovTec Push Botton Base to Stud Sling Adaptor GTSW-235

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Do you have that favorite hunting rifle that has the standard locking swivel studs in the stock but your favorite sling from your other rifle happens to have push button swivels sewn in and you can’t use it?  The answer used to be either install push button bases in your rifle or buy a new sling.  Now, with the GTSW235 Push Button Base to Swivel Stud Adaptor, you can use a sling with push button swivels on virtually any rifle.  Simply attach the adaptor to the swivel stud just like you would do with a locking swivel and now you can use your favorite push button sling without drilling into a stock or sewing on new swivels.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: GrovTec
SKU: DUN-37860
UPC: 8811071012355
Vendor: Dunns
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