Banded Deluxe Slough Stool #08393

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There's no longer a need to stand, kneel, or sit uncomfortably in the slough or on the shoreline. Bring the comfort of a permanent blind's seating wherever you hunt with the lightweight, amazingly comfortable Deluxe Slough Stool. The highly durable steel tube construction and anchoring feet provide stability and a secure hold of mud, dirt, or gravel. Adjustable height settings of 26.5 to 34-inches accommodate for varying water depths and hunter heights. The oversized 12 x 11-inch padded seat and provides additional support and comfort. In addition, the Deluxe Slough Stool swivels to help you track birds on the swing. No matter where you are hunting, you'll find that the comfort and functionality of the Deluxe Slough Stool will soon become a necessity.
Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Banded
SKU: DUN-8129
Vendor: Dunns
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