1934 Finnish M28/30 Mosin-Nagant - Nice Condition!

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1934 Finnish M28/30 rifle. Made by Sako, these rifles made for the Finnish "Civil Guard" were a transitional model from the earlier Finnish Mosins towards the later M39 model. Upgrades on these rifles include the first variation of the much improved Mauser-style rear sight, thicker wood, improved "jam-free" magazine, and a partially free floated heavy barrel. This rifle is in nice condition. Blued metal surfaces are very nice, with some partial browning and turning to patina but no crusting, rust, or serious scratches. Matching bolt is mostly nice with some rust damage on the very end of the bolt handle. Wood is very nice and possesses most of its original varnish. No cracks or serious dings are present. 

Categories: Bolt Action Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Sako
Caliber: 7.62x54R
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Vendor: Gunprime
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