Why Use a Mossberg for Home Defense?

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 10/26/21

First of all, the Mossberg name has a lot of history and tradition behind it. O.F. Mossberg & Sons is an American company that continues to manufacture products in the U.S. Mossberg has been making long-barrel firearms for more than a century, since they introduced their first rifle in 1921. While Mossberg made its name during its first 25 years with the Brownie pistol and HI line of 22-caliber rifles, after World War II the company concentrated on making versatile shotguns for the entry-level sportsman, mostly bolt-action at first, but increasingly pump-action shotguns the increasingly became favorites for home defense weapons.

Over the years many people chose a Mossberg home defense shotgun because of one reason, because of the value-priced pump-action blockbuster the company introduced in 1961, the Mossberg 500 Series. The affordable, dependable 500 Series quickly earned a reputation as America’s favorite all-around, general purpose shotgun, one of the most popular series for the novice sportsman, and particularly for home defense. For years, a Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun was practically the only kind of home defense for many Americans.

retro edition of mossberg 500


The Mossberg 500 Series is one of the biggest-selling firearms in history. Designed by Carl Benson to require a minimum number of parts, the Mossberg 500 Series is all but the definitive shotgun in the American cultural consciousness, a gun of choice in hundreds of movies and television shows since the 1960s. Variants of the Mossberg 500 Series have been widely used in the U.S. Armed Services and by a wide range of law enforcement organizations, which is one reason Mossberg has sold 11 million 500 Series shotguns in the last 60 years.

Patrolman holding Mossberg 500 in Movie “Crocodile Dundee”

Patrolman holding Mossberg 500 in Movie “Crocodile Dundee”

The 500 Series has a wide selection of hammerless repeating shotguns that share the same basic receiver and action, but have different bore sizes, choke options, barrel lengths, stock and forend materials, and magazine capacities. All Series 500 models with matching capacities have interchangeable barrels.

One reason the Mossberg 500 Series is popular as a home defense weapon is because it’s easy to use and maintain. The 500 Series was designed for harsh conditions, whether waterfowl hunting or combat, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. The barrel can be removed without tools, and the ample clearance between the steel action bars and their receiver channels allows the weapon to continue to function despite the presence of dirt or debris, and it reduces long-term wear.

The Mossberg 500 is also a popular home defense shotgun because there is practically a model or variation for nearly every need. The 500 Series models are generally classified into two broad categories, field models and special purpose models. (Although marketed under different brand names, the Revelation 310 and New Haven 600 are variations of Mossberg home defense shotguns.)

Mossberg 500 field models are the basic sporting models in the series, primarily designed for hunting waterfowl, turkey and upland game, available with a variety of barrel lengths and finishes. The special purpose models are designed for self-defense, and for police and military use, and have shorter barrels and larger capacities. In addition, the Mossberg 500 Series has ultra-durable “law enforcement” models with heavy-duty barrels, metal trigger guards and metal safeties.

The 500 Series includes a number of different receiver configurations, differentiated by their magazine configurations. The standard Model 500 is known as the “six shot” model, holding five 2.75-inch shells (70mm) plus one in the chamber. The Model 590A1 is available from the standard 5-plus-1 capacity, up to 8-plus-1.

Mossberg 500 configuration options diagram

Mossberg 500 Configuration Options

Both the Model 500 and Model 590 have standard barrels and polymer trigger guards and safeties. The Model 590A1 was designed for military use, for harsh conditions and rough treatment, so it has an aluminum trigger guard and safety, as well as a heavier barrel and a bayonet lug. The 590A1 is available with 14-inch, 18.5-inch and 20-inch barrels. While the 590A1 is generally sold through military and law enforcement channels, GunPrime usually has a number of these high-performance weapons available for sale. The Mossberg 590-SB is actually a Model 590A1, since it has the same military trigger group and heavier barrel, but it is sold exclusively to the civilian market.

Another reason the company is almost synonymous with home security is its specific Mossberg “home security” model, the Series 500 HS410, a .410-gauge specifically designed for defensive use by a novice shooter who needs a dependable, effective, easy-to-use defensive weapon.

The Mossberg 500 series also includes smaller Bantam and Super Bantam models that have shorter length of pull, as well as the scaled-down Model 505 Youth model, which has a 12-inch buttstock. The Model 535, however, is one of the 500 Series’ bigger models, with a lengthened receiver that can fire 3.5-inch (89mm) shells.

The Mossberg 500 Series includes four models of special purpose pistol-grip, riot gun shotguns, the Persuader, Cruiser, Road Blocker and Mariner.

Mossberg 590s banner

One of Mossberg’s newest home defense weapons is the Model 590 Shockwave, a lightweight (5.25 pounds), compact (a little over 26 inches long), pump-action firearm that fires shotgun shells but doesn’t technically meet the definition of shotgun, but also does not fall under the legal restrictions that apply to “short-barrel” shotguns. The 590 Shockwave is available in 12-gauge, 20-gauge and .410-bore, all with its recoil-resistant “Raptor” birds-head-design pistol grip.

The bottomline is that no matter what your specific home defense needs are Mossberg has a home defense shotgun that fits your needs.  Gunprime is one of the largest dealers of home defense shotguns in the country.  If you need a home defense shotgun then look no further.  

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