Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF Comparison

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 11/18/21

The Taurus G3 and the Canik TP9SF Elite are both striker-fired pistols, chambered for 9mm rounds, and of nearly the same measurement. You might wonder what their differences are, perhaps to inform your buying decision.

Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF Comparison

Whether you’re looking for a comparison article on Taurus G3 and the Canik TP9SF before visiting your nearest gun dealer or just curious to know more about the pistols, this review provides you with some of the pluses and minuses of both 9mm pistols. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

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The Difference: Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF

In terms of color, the Taurus G3 has a black Tenifer finish, while the Canik TP9SF features a black nitride finish. The nitride coating offers more strength and durability than the Tenifer coating. But both pistols look nice and should retain their color with proper gun maintenance.

Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF Comparison


When it comes to measurement, the Taurus G3 and the Canik TP9SF have almost the same dimensions. The former is 7.28 inches long and has a height of 5.2 inches, while the latter measures 7.55 inches in length and 5.7 inches in height. The Taurus G3 weighs 1.86 pounds while the Canik TP9SF has a weight of 1.12 pounds, with the difference being .35 ounces.

Trigger Guard

The trigger guard on the Canik TP9SF is slightly larger than that of the G3, which is an advantage for gloved hands.


The G3 comes with frame safety. Shooters who yearn for another safety function in addition to the trigger guard would find this feature useful. But those who do not fancy the feature can simply overlook its absence on the Canik TP9SF.

Second Strike

Another big plus to the G3 we have to mention is it features the second strike capability which the Canik TP9SF doesn’t have. Without the feature, you’d have to rack the slide every time you hit a dead round.


Canik is known for better triggers and that wasn’t an exception with the TP9SF pistol design. The trigger break, for example, is very crisp.


For aiming, the Taurus G3 comes with a polymer three-dot sights set, which is not much compared to the warren tactical sights and a metal fiber optic front sight on the Canik.

Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF Comparison

Commonality: Taurus G3 vs Canik TP9SF

The Taurus G3 and the Canik TP9SF feature a 1913 Picatinny mounting rail for your accessory options.

The frame of both pistols features a thumb and finger rest. Canik’s TP9SF does have a nice textured grip with pyramids dots all along the back, but you’ll get a better hand on the Taurus’ G3 laser stippled grip. Regardless, both guns have a different feel in the hand.

Both firearms have forward and rear serrations, which let you rack the slide in different ways.

Magazine: Your Options

The Taurus G3 can accept a 10 plus 1, 15 plus 1, or 17 plus 1 round magazine, while the Canik TP9SF will use either a 10 plus 1 or 15 plus 1 compatible magazine. Of course, both pistols are 9mm pistols, so they will shoot 9mm cartridges.


Canik is a firearm company well known for quality and value for money firearms. Taurus is also a good gunmaker with a number of quality guns to its name.

While you’ll be able to get the Taurus G3 for less, the nice additions, such as the fiber optic front sight that Canik offers, might make you want to choose the Canik TP9SF Elite for your home or self defense needs. But you may have to look past the cool additions such as the safety selector switch lacking in the TP9SF Elite too.

Now here is your turn. Let’s hear from you. Which of these two guns – the Taurus G3 and the Canik TP9SF Elite – do you own or have you taken down the range. Share your answers in the comments.