Smith & Wesson M&P EZ Shield 9mm Pistol Review

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 11/18/21

Female shooters are one of the most underserved markets, despite being one of the fastest-growing shooting sports and self-defense areas.

This gun has proven to be highly popular among those who have acquired it, and it is ideal for first-time shooters. Women who are new to weapons are less frightened by pulling back the slide and the upper-body strength required with many basic firearms. But now, Smith & Wesson has released their M&P 9mm EZ Shield, built on the same controls design as the M&P 9mm Shield. There are a few slight changes, but this brings the 9mm into action.

Smith & Wesson EZ Shield as EDC

Concealed Carry

This handgun is relatively tiny and thin, making it ideal for covert carry. The 9mm slide is a little thicker, which is necessary because it generates a lot more pressure, but it's still a very thin pistol.

Smith & Wesson EZ Shield profile


This Smith is created to be easy to rack (or cock) the slide. The amount of resistance required to chamber a round is significantly less than other models. Smith & Wesson has also exaggerated the serrations or part of the slide you hold to pull it back.  There are also some front cocking serrations. Pulling back this slide is a breeze. 

Smith & Wesson EZ Shield with extras


There is also a light rail on the front so you can mount accessories such as a flashlight or laser. There are also factory upgraded models where you can get different barrels, sights, triggers and more.

Smith & Wesson EZ Shield magazine


The easy to load magazine will hold 8 rounds plus 1 in the chamber. You have 9 rounds total. The tabs on the slide of the magazine make it easy to pull down and load extra rounds. This prevents you from having to push the round down with your thumb which can be quite difficult for some people. 

Smith & Wesson EZ Shield grip safety

Grip Safety

It is quite simple to control. It just compresses with very little pressure, and you have a dead trigger if you do not press it, and it will fire if you press it, so it is just an added safety feature similar to a 1911.. Moreover, people like having a safety mounted to the frame, so you can now obtain frame-mounted safeties. The bore axis on the shield is a little higher, so you get a little more of a lower grip on the firearm than you do on the shield.

The issue with the EZ series is that it is an internal hammer, not a structural fire pistol. Because you don't have the trigger safety, it's also beneficial to have a little bit of grip safety right here.


Shooting this gun is quick. The smooth trigger control activates a firearm with more power on the receiving end. The 9mm round is excellent for self-defense.

Short video at the Gunprime Range with an EZ Shield


Choosing the right self-defense weapon may be tricky. The S&W M&P 9 Shield EZ Pistol is a great option especially if you need something easy to rack, easy to load, easy to shoot.. It is perfect for men or women as it is easy to manipulate and has a lot of advantages too. 

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