LWRC SMG 45 - Review

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 03/09/20

The long-awaited LWRC SMG-45 arrived this month in a Gun Shop near you. Well, probably not near you, but it is just a click away here at GUNPRIME.  Developed for the needs of a government contract back in 2015, this submachine gun (SMG) as LWRC calls it only recently came available in a pistol version available for the general public.  Like the Glock 19x, Sig MCX Rattler, FN 509, and many other firearms originally developed for contracts, the LWRC SMG-45 popularity draws increasing demand from civilian customers.  This in vogue offering from LWRC can be easily understood considering the recent uptick in pistol caliber carbines (PCC), but what makes this product different than other offerings? 

Lwrc smg 45 in box

For starters, the short recoil delayed blowback operating system provides the shooter a softer shooting weapon and fewer parts wear than cheaper PCC offerings.  In the firearms industry often times you get what you pay for, and although the delayed blowback system is more expensive to produce, it keeps you on target and lengthens the firearms life due to lighter parts wear.  The gun is completely ambidextrous out of the box to include the easily reversible charging handle, safety selector, and the paddle mag release similar to ones found on AK platforms.  The ambidextrous controls and MLOK handguard makes for a highly customizable weapons platform.  It includes panels to aid in gripping a hot firearm following continuous strings of fire and a handstop to prevent the user from shooting their hands similar to other backpack guns like the new Daniel Defense DDM4 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

Lwrc smg 45

Speaking of backpack guns and PDWs, the collapsible length of a mere 15.3 inches with its SB tactical folding brace provides the handler high concealability.  Like other Submachine guns and PDWs, its concealability and suppressor abilities make it perfect for your new truck gun or home defense weapon.  The short 8.5 inch cold hammer-forged chrome-moly steel barrel is tough enough for hard duty use and will last thousands of rounds.  The Picatinny rail sitting along the 12 O'clock position allows you to mount your favorite optic easily and maintain zero with a strong lock-up.  If you don't have an optic yet, then no worries it ships with robust Magpul MBUS PRO backup iron sights that won't fail you when it counts.  It comes with two US-made UMP magazines that can easily be found for stockpiling. Overall, If you have a pistol chambered in 45, this gun is a perfect fit for you due to ammunition compatibility, but if you do not, it is still a viable home defense option by itself alone.  If you prefer different caliber rumors about caliber conversion kits appear to be confirmed and you will likely see them coming out soon.  In parting, this offering from LWRC lives up to the hype, and you should consider getting one if you are looking to get into the PCC/SMG/PDW game.