Freedom Ordnance FX9 AR 9mm Pistol Review

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 09/22/22

Freedom Ordinance is a gun maker based out of Chandler Indiana with a number of 9mm firearms to its name. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the FX9 pistol chambered for 9mm cartridges. We might mention that the FX9 does also come in a rifle form, which honestly has tons of features..

In this post, we’ll concentrate on the FX9 AR 9mm Pistol, considering its build and design, ammunition, amidst other details. If you’re ready for this FX9 AR 9mm pistol review, we’re set too. So let’s dive in. 

Design and Build

The FX9 pistol measures 5.2 pounds, has a total length of 24.5 inches, and comes with a barrel of 8.5 inches. (4” is also common and the gunprime exclusive option is 10”)

In terms of hold, it has a nice and comfortable grip. The FX9 has an AR-15 style trigger, which means you can replace it with any AR-15 compatible trigger. Regarding the trigger group, Freedom Ordinance recommends leaving the trigger group configuration as is because it’s specially tuned for 9mm caliber cartridges.

The FX9 features an M-Lok handguard which allows for the addition of a variety of accessories. In addition, the handguard is good, well finished, and can be switched out for any AR-15 compatible handguard. One thing actually about the pistol is that it shares many things in common with AR guns.

The left-hand side of the gun features fire safety control that has the feel and look of the ones on standard ARs and it’s pretty intuitive to slide off or on. 

Both the upper and lower receiver features an aluminum billet with a hard-anodized finish which is really smooth. The muzzle features standard 1/2x28 thread on which you can fit a suppressor or any other muzzle device of your choice.


The FX9 features a KAK pistol brace for stability and to allow you as a shooter to have a little bit more accuracy. Of course, you can replace the brace it comes with with a compatible one from another brand.

For a gun scope to magnify and see longer distances, you may want to get the Primary Arms 1x Cyclops. It’s a prism scope that has a focus ring that is perfect for shooters with astigmatism.

Magazine and Ammunition

The Freedom Ordnance FX9 comes with an Elite Tactical Systems 31-round Glock mag. Glock mag on this pistol is actually a plus considering that Glock magazines are reliable, easily accessible, and affordable. You can also use other types of mags such as the SGM and KCI mags.

The mag release button is designed and functions very well. Adding to that, the firearm features a beveled mag well which does make it easy to pull in or out a magazine.

This gun is a 9mm shooter that will shoot any 9mm ammo, including 115-Grain full-metal jacket, Speer Gold Dot, Simunition FX, and Hornady Critical Defense ammunition.

Shop 9mm Ammo for the FX9


The Freedom Ordnance FX9 pistol has a little blowback action and overall, it’s a soft shooter. The lightweight brace definitely makes the pistol a great option for disabled veterans or people with general issues with handling.


All in all, the Freedom Ordnance is a viable self-defense, short, and compact option. The FX9 has an $800 MSRP and can be purchased sometimes for less.

Do you have the Freedom Ordinance FX9 pistol? If yes, what is it like to shoot with it down the range? We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.