Dodging the ATF Pistol Brace Ban - Freedom Ordnance AR-15 Pistols

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 07/15/21

New Freedom Ordnance FX9P8-T "Sling" Model

In a recent email, Freedom Ordnance announced a new model for their AR-15 pistol noting concerns about the possible “AFT pistol brace ban.”  Since the ATF is focusing on banning the “brace” and not the actual pistol there may be hope for AR-15 pistol owners.

Solution if Pistols Braces are Banned

We hope the braces are not banned. But some manufacturers like Freedom Ordnance have already started taking steps to make sure they can stay in business. (Their primary product is a 9mm AR-15 pistol.) 

In a recent email they said,

We are excited to be offering the NEW Freedom Ordnance FX9P8-T “Sling” Model, this 8” model was designed for the distributors / dealers who have concerns about AR Pistols with stabilizing braces. The “Sling” model has a custom foam padded buffer tube and includes a high quality QD single point bungee sling and QD end plate. The “Sling” model will sell for the same price as the other models... MSRP $829.

 If you need anything else regarding the “Sling” please let us know. We will start production with the 8” but if there is interest in the 4” please let us know.”

This seemed appropriate...


Dodging the ATF pistol brace ban may be as easy as removing the brace.  It may not be as comfortable to shoot without a brace but gun owners (especially AR-15 pistol buyers) are resilient. And people have been shooting PDW style pistols with braces for a while now.