Best Glock Pistols 2021

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 11/18/21

What is the best Glock pistol? Gaston Glock developed the Glock pistol in 1981 after making knives for the Austrian military. Glock labels its pistols with G and numbers. (G19, G21, G43, for example.) They base the numbers on the patent. The Glock 17 was the first firearm patented, and the model numbers go up from there.  

Glocks are one of the most popular brands in the firearms industry. They make pistols for concealed carry, law enforcement, competition, plinking, hunting, self-defense, and many more applications. The best size and caliber pistol for you varies based on how one wants to use the pistol. Here is a detailed breakdown.

Glock 19 Gen 5 9mm


Best Overall Glock Pistol

The Glock 19 is the best overall Glock due to its ability to fill various roles for end users.  The Glock 19 is small enough to conceal easily yet large enough to make shooting fast and accurate.  If one were to tell us that they could only purchase one gun, this would be our pick.  The Glock 19 can be carried with you all day, every day, whether in a concealed carry or duty capacity.  It can accept lights, lasers, and red dot optics, making it an ideal choice for home defense where you will most likely need it at night. If you can only purchase one Glock, this is the Glock to buy whether you want to use it for home defense or personal protection while going about your day.  The aftermarket parts, including holsters and magazines, can be found easily anywhere at an affordable cost.  The Glock 19 is known for its incredible reliability and durability, and it will serve you just as well as it has done special operators, Soldiers, and Police officers around the globe.  

Glock 48 and 43x

Best Glock for Concealed Carry

In recent years the advent of the high capacity micro-compact pistols took the concealed carry pistol world by storm.  Micro-compact concealed carry pistols offer much slimmer size options than traditional double-stack polymer pistols.  Despite the decrease in size, these pistols offer full-length grips and higher capacities, making them ideal choices for concealed carry.  Now you do not have to sacrifice capacity, concealability, or shootability in your everyday carry.  The Glock 43X and 48 pistols are Glocks micro-compact concealed carry options that give you the reliability, durability, and shootability of other Glock models while maintaining a slim profile for comfortable carry and increased concealability.  The 43X and 48 pistols have the same size frame and differ slightly in slide length.  Some users prefer the 43x due to the ease of concealing the weapon on smaller statured frames or carrying concealed outside the waistband where slide length holds more weight in making a firearm concealable.  Other concealed carriers prefer the 48 due to its increased slide length leading to a longer sight radius for more accuracy.  For larger persons that carry inside the waistband, the longer slide also keeps the gun tucked closer to the body preventing the butt of the gun from protruding.  The longer the firearm, the farther down it can go under the belt to tilt the handle back into the body, making it more concealable for some people.  Regardless of your body style or carry position, one of these guns will work for you.  If you like to carry light, optics, and lasers, both models are also offered in variants with a light rail and a milled Glock MOS optics cut.      

Best Glocks for Duty Carry

Glocks are the most used duty handgun for law enforcement professionals worldwide.  This is due to their extreme reliability and durability, as well as their loose maintenance cycles.  Both the Glock 17 and the newer Glock 45 are two of the most popular duty pistols.  The Glock 17 is Glocks original full-size handgun, while the Glock 45 traces its lineage from the Glock 19x submitted for the Army pistol trials.  Both handguns feature the same frame size holding a capacity of 17 rounds with flush-fitting magazines.  The differences are that the 17 has a slightly longer slide length.  Professionals that prefer the 17 often tout the 17s longer sight radius when shooting with iron sights.  The Glock 45 customers often praise it for its ability to clear leather or get out of the holster quicker due to its shorter slide.  With the increasing number of red dot sights mounted to duty pistols, many believe that the sight radius does not matter.  Others argue that one may shoot softer than the other, but it really comes down to personal preference ( Let us know what you think in the comments section).  If you want to add a threaded barrel or a compensator to your gun like the famed Roland special modifications used by special operations, you may also wish to use the Glock 45 to keep the overall slide profile in the gun shorter.  Whether you prefer a Glock 45 or 17 for duty use, neither will let you down, and you will not be disappointed. .    

Glock 34 in competition


Best Glock Competition Pistol

-Glock 34

The Glock 34 pistol is one of the top pistols for competitors in all significant competitive shooting divisions.  Despite its affordable price, countless Championships were one with a Glock 34, and with its great features and proven reliability, it might be the most affordable competition pistol that one can purchase.   The longer slide gives the user a longer sight radius and fully exploits the pistol's accuracy.  The added mass to the slide gives users a softer perceived recoil due to the added weight causing less muzzle flip.  Another advantage to the Glock 34 Competition recoil is the lighter trigger pull that aids in faster, more accurate shots.  Glock pistols' mechanical advantages include a high bore axis that lets the user get very high on the pistol to control recoil.  The Glock 34 is one of the most reliable pistols in a world of finicky competition handguns.  Rest assured that your Glock pistol will hold up to the most rigorous competition schedule and grueling practices.     

Glock 44 22 LR 2-10 rd Mags UA4450101


Best Glock for Plinking

Glock 44

Ammunition is not cheap, but some calibers remain inexpensive.  The Glock 44 allows users to shoot one of the least expensive cartridges in the 22LR.  Whether you want to find a way to practice with your Glock in a more economical way or you want to teach a new shooter how to fire a pistol, the Glock 44 makes a perfect choice.  The Glock 44 is dimensionally similar to a Glock 19 pistol allowing you to practice shooting with a gun similar to your favorite carry Glock.  The Glock 44 has a 10 round magazine capacity letting you reload less and shoot more.  The 22LR caliber is one of the most fun cartridges to shoot, and now you can practice plinking or have fun while maintaining similar Glock controls.    

Glock 40


Best Glock for Hunting (or Bear Defense)

Glock 40 

When hunting with a handgun, you need a larger caliber gun that is lightweight and accurate.  The Glock 40 is chambered in 10mm, which, when loaded with high-velocity rounds, is more than enough to put down game or protect yourself from bears and other predators.  The longer barrel and ability to mount optics make for a very accurate handgun. Like other Glock pistols, the polymer frame gives users a lightweight package that isn't too cumbersome to carry around all day in the woods.  This platform'splatform's Glock reliability, 10mm power, and accuracy potential make it ideal for hunting or bear defense.  Rest assured, this pistol will work when you need it to and give you the performance to make quick and accurate shots for all possible scenarios.  


Glock 42 Glowing $100 Bills 380 ACP UI4250201BILLS

Best Glock for Deep Concealment

Glock 43

The Glock 43 is a single stack 9mm, allowing the frame to be built very thin.  At four inches in height combined with its slim profile, it makes for a highly concealable weapon.  Unlike many pocket rockets, this handgun is chambered in 9mm rather than inferior calibers such as 32 autos, 38 special, and 380.  This gun is perfect for carrying in a pocket, in gym shorts, in a suit, or as a petite woman in adequately fitted clothes.  If you must enter socially non-permissive environments, you can rest assured that this pistol gives you the flexibility to conceal deeply.  

Glock G26 Gen3 9MM 10+1 RD Capacity PI2650201


Best Glock Backup Gun

Glock 26

If you carry a double-stack 9mm like a Glock 17, 19, 45, or 34 as your primary concealed carry gun or duty gun, then a Glock 26 makes for a perfect backup gun.  The Glock 26 is small enough to conceal on an ankle or anywhere else, but it still can accept all double-stack Glock magazines used in your primary weapon.  Most officers or concealed carriers that carry a backup gun only carry a spare magazine for their primary weapon, and for a good reason, having too much can become burdensome day in and day out.  If, by some chance, your primary gun goes down and your transition to your backup gun, you would still have the ability to reload with your primary's spare magazine if carrying in the example configuration. 

Glock 34 Gen 4 9mm Luger 5.3" 17rd night sights - used


Best Glock for Home Defense

Glock 34

The Best Glock pistol for home defense is the Glock pistol you can shoot the best.  Most competition shooters choose a Glock 34 because it gives them the best accuracy, fastest follow-up shots, and the largest capacity.  If you only can buy one gun, then a smaller Glock 19, 17, or 45 that you use for concealed carry will work, but a larger handgun can make things easier if you have practice using it.  The Glock 34 has a light rail, and there are MOS options that allow you to mount optics.  A light is imperative for a home defense weapon because you must positively identify your target to ensure you do not shoot friends, family, or other innocent life.  An optic allows you to remain target-focused and can help with accuracy if one needs to make hostage rescue type shots, but with enough practice, the long sight radius on the Glock 34 provides more than enough accuracy for home defense shooting distances.  In a home defense scenario, you do not need to worry about concealing a gun, and if you get in a gunfight, you will not regret having a larger gun.  The Glock 34 is an excellent gun for home defense, and if you want a Glock pistol for that purpose, it is our number one choice here at Gunprime. 

People have questions about some Glocks more than others.

Glock FAQ

How much is a Glock?

New Glocks typically range from $430 to $851. The cheapest new glock is a Glock 44 chambered in 22 LR. It  retails for $430. While one of the most expensive Glocks has a minimum advertised price MAP at $851. It is a Glock 34 MOS 9mm. It costs more because it is a bigger frame (more material) and special cuts to mount an optic (more build time). The most popular Glock is a 19 Gen 5 9mm, It sells for $539.  If you don’t mind a used Glock you can trade in for less, as low as $350. 

What is a Glock?

A Glock is an Austrian pistol brand with facilities that operate both in Austria and the United States.  Its founder Gaston Glock is an Austrian engineer famed due to his revolutionary polymer-framed pistol designed for the Austrian military.  After its inception, Glock pistols quickly became the most popular pistol brand for police, militaries, and civilians. Glock pistols are world renowned for their extreme reliability and simple function.  There are now five generations of glock pistols and they remain the most popular pistols around the globe.   

What is the best Glock?

The best Glock pistol depends on your use and your body type.  No matter what you need a handgun for, there is a Glock pistol that will fit your needs.  Whether you need a concealed carry gun, home defense gun, competition gun, hunting gun, or duty gun there is a Glock pistol for you.  

What is the Smallest Glock?

The smallest glock pistol is the glock 45 chambered in 380 ACP.  It has a 3 inch barrel and has a very thin frame.  This pistol works well for deep concealment if you must have the smallest pistol.  The small frame forces sacrifice shootability and capacity due to the small grip making it harder to shoot and only allowing a capacity of 6+1.  What you lose in capacity and shootability you gain in comfort and coceability.  Whether you like the handgun will depend on what you value most in a carry gun.   

What Glock Does the Police use?

Police Officers use a variety of Glock pistols and calibers.  Police use Glock pistols as duty guns, back-up guns, concealed carry guns, and off duty guns.  It really depends on the department, the country, and the budget for the police force on which Glock pistols and accessories they use.  

What is the Cheapest Glock?

The least expensive of cheapest Glock pistols brand new from the factory is the Glock 44 chambered in 22 long rifle.  You can also find used and police trade-in Glock pistols for cheaper depending on the market availability and condition of the pistols.  All Glock pistols are relatively inexpensive and provide great value to the customer.