Is Taurus G2c 9mm a Good Option for You?

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 05/27/21

The Taurus G2c is getting a lot of attention recently. Its incredibly budget-friendly pricing sets it apart from other options available in the market. But before you get one for yourself, you should seek the answer to one question — is Taurus G2c 9mm a safe and reliable handgun or a compromise between quality and price?

Let’s find out!

Taurus G2c 9mm Specifications




Single Action with Restrike

Weight with Empty Magazine

22 ounces

Trigger Press

6.00 pounds, Approximate

Barrel Length

3.2 inches, Ramped

Overall Height

5.10 inches

Overall Length

6.30 inches

Grip Width

1.10 inches

Magazine Capacity


Magazines Supplies


Magazine Disconnect Safety


Trigger Safety + Taurus Security System


Manual Thumb Safety + Internal Firing Pin Block



Fixed Front Dot; Rear 2 Dots - Windage Adjustable



Loaded Chamber Indicator


Accessory Picatinny Rail



$272.70 US



Taurus G2c 9mm Review


The Taurus G2c  has four security devices — firing pin block, trigger safety, manual safety, and loaded chamber indicator. The comparatively exceptional manual safety includes an external safety located on the side of the pistol. The trigger gets locked and stops working as long as the manual safety is up. You can simply put it down to unlock it.


The go pedal has a long travel to get you a crisp 6lbs. break just with a tiny bit of reset. The point where the trigger hits the wall, it’s very spongy and mushy, which is a significant downside of the trigger. However, the audible and tactile reset is one of the strongest sides.


The G2 uses standard three dots sights that are easy to line up and target. Even though the rear sight is fully adjustable, it may not need readjusting for most people. The recoil impulse is minimum which makes it comfortable to use. The gun swiftly returns to battery after shooting with a negligible failure rate.


The maintenance of the gun is pretty simple, just like Glock. Simply drop the magazine, pull the tabs down, squeeze the trigger, pull back on the slide about 1/8th of an inch, and the G2 will break down to the barrel, frame, slide, and recoil spring. The coated surfaces wipe off easily using any cleaner of your choice. The reassembly requires no fancy acrobatics and can be accomplished in about 30 seconds.

Sight & Loaded Chamber Indicator

Even though the front sight of the gun is fixed, the rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The sights have a slight ledge, which is ideal for single-handed manipulations. It also includes a loaded chamber indicator as another safety layer with the engravings “loaded when up.” The loaded chamber is built to accommodate people who are not familiar with handguns. 

Build & Frame

One thing that sticks out about this gun is the feel of the aggressive stippled texturing on the grip. The build comfortably fits in hand, and it is easily concealable. Another plus point is there are Memory Pads on both sides of the frame to ensure proper finger placement. You can also fit a smaller light such as Streamlight TLR-2 Gun Light in the light rail in the front. The downside of the build would be it has a cheap feel to it as it is made of polymer.

Carry or not?

The G2c fits almost all the criteria of a carry gun — it’s small in size, easy-to-use, and most importantly, it includes good safety features. The thin profile of the weapon makes concealed carry very comfortable. It’s lightweight and easy to pull out of the holster due to its stippling all over.

However, the small manual safety is hard to flick in a hurry which is a downside for many people as it counterfeits the easy-to-use feature. But if you’re looking for a safer gun, the G2c might be the right one for you. 


For the price point, Taurus G2c is surprisingly a good gun. With an ergonomic and lightweight build, the gun offers good reliability and accuracy as a carry gun. It doesn’t go as far as beating handguns that cost a lot more — but it is still a great purchase with not-so-significant compromises. The quadruple safety features and low recoil impulse make it ideal for new shooters looking for a budget-friendly option.  



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